Hello!! In my company we are using hydra, but our ...
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Hello!! In my company we are using hydra, but our production table are growing a lot in this months, we are using the janitor for clean some of them, but we need to clean also a couple of them more. Do you have any plan for improve it? Do you accept a PR for add at least the
Hey Javier, I think the best person to comment on this is @proud-plumber-24205 who wrote the feature - he is not available today unfortunately, but will come back to you soon. Generally we do accept contributions of course, feel free to open an issue (if it does not exist yet) to get some feedback on your proposed implementation.
So probably best if you look at GitHub if there is an issue already and go from there 🙂 Let me know if I can help you in any way there.
hello @magnificent-energy-493 thank you for the answer. I see that you have this issue: https://github.com/ory/hydra/issues/2514
If you want i can do a proposal or start with the PR
Let me know, with whatever you like
Thanks Javier! I think Flavio already outlined it pretty well. Maybe leave a short comment that you would like to work on this and if you take a whack at Flavios proposal or take a bit different approach.
Hi @gifted-vase-71502 as @magnificent-energy-493 mentioned, comment on the issue here that you will be looking into it - if you have another idea then post it there as well. PRs are always welcome 😉