Hey I am curious about using Hydra for OIDC federa...
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Hey I am curious about using Hydra for OIDC federation. This page seems to indicate that Hydra has support for federation, but I have not been able to find any documentation or examples of it.
… it integrates with projects like Ory Hydra that implement federation protocols
I also found this which seems to say something conflicting (but is fairly old).
… and the only hit for “federation” in the hydra repo is the link to the above page!
Hey Matt, you are correct, we don’t have a detailed guide or tutorial for OIDC federation using Ory Hydra. But as Ory Hydra is a fully featured OAuth2.0/OIDC provider you can use OIDC for federation, it is probably not super simple to set up. Sainsburys is running Ory Hydra as federation server for millions of customers, they also wrote a blog about it, their engineer is also in this Slack. https://medium.com/sainsburys-engineering/my-id-is-bringing-our-products-closer-together-fdbc988a0103 I recommend you dig a bit more in the documentation and if you get stuck you can ask here or even open a discussion on GitHub, maybe even some documentation comes out of it 🙂