I'm getting 503 on my hydra pod, looking inside th...
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I'm getting 503 on my hydra pod, looking inside the log gives me this: level=warning msg=Instance is not yet ready because migrations have not yet been fully applied. audience=application error=map[message:migrations have not yet been fully applied: If I restart the deployment, everything is fine for a whie but it always returns to the same state, I'm using the latest image. Anyone knows where i should look? pretty lost here
Do you have readiness check?
Readiness check wouldn’t pass if you have migrations not applied.
but why do i have migrations not applied?
It never repairs itsself either
You need to run
hydra migrate
command in init container before running
hydra serve
but it starts up fine, its after its been alive for a while?
if i restart, i get no problems
for a whie
i can only guess that it has something with my refresh token hook?
cause thats the only new thing ive been using
doesn’t sound like it tho