*Cloud Run error: Container failed to start. Faile...
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Cloud Run error: Container failed to start. Failed to start and then listen on the port defined by the PORT environment variable. Logs for this revision might contain more information.
Are you specifying the port? Cloud Run expects you to listen on
by default (typically 8080), but Hydra listens on 4444, 4445 by default
I should specify 4444 as the port right?
I have tried both 4444 and 4445. Still doesn’t work for me
4444 as the port should work. I’m playing with Hydra on Knative right now (the API Cloud Run is based on), so lemme dig up what I’m going
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      - image: <http://docker.io/oryd/hydra:v1.10.6|docker.io/oryd/hydra:v1.10.6>
        args: ["serve", "-c", "/etc/config/hydra/hydra.yaml", "all", "--dangerous-force-http"]
        - containerPort: 4444
This is the meat of it, the rest is less interesting for Cloud Run, since it uses K8s features for secrets/sidecars
I have it connected to Postgres on Cloud SQL through the IAM proxy
For the Admin stuff, I just run a second (private) service exposing 4445 hitting the same database
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This is what I have. It matches your config. Doesn’t work though
In mine that hydra config is coming from a volume
You also aren’t forcing http
TLS is terminated before the container, so it should be listening via HTTP