Hi everyone! We’ve made some changes to our intern...
# talk-hydra
Hi everyone! We’ve made some changes to our internal Ory Hydra fork that we would like to upstream. Apart from being “worried” that there is an upcoming big refactor as Ory Hydra 2.0 and could make our changes a little harder to include afterwards, I would like to know what we should expect for the upcoming weeks / months by the Ory team from a review availability perspective. I’m not asking to be available! Just a friendly question to set expectations on our side and plan accordingly. This is for example one that it’s quite important for us: https://github.com/ory/hydra/pull/2384. Feel free to end this question abruptly! I really appreciate the work you all are doing around this incredible product and don't want to seem heavy! 🙏 😊
We're currently stretched thin. The best way to introduce changes is to follow our contribution guidelines: https://github.com/ory/hydra/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md The earlier you involve maintainers in the discussion, the likelier and faster it is for changes to be merged!
Perfect, thanks @high-optician-2097! We’ll open an issue proposing the changes and the PR afterwards once we agree on the approach!