Me to. I cant put auth pkce flow working on react/...
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Me to. I cant put auth pkce flow working on react/ionic app, all flow is done but after consent redirect always have a 401 unauthorized......and I cant see docs or any help, for today I give up is to late here If this works sure I will create a repo with readme instructions for others. There is so many dead traps to implement it, and lack of docs in pkce, spa and mobile flow doesnt help for hydra newbies......but I hope hydra masters comes to the rescue :)
Hey Mario, thanks for reaching out 🙂 I agree the docs for more advanced use cases with Hydra are a bit thin. Check out this blogpost, it should give you some pointers for the PKCE integration (even if a bit dated, most thing should still apply):
Hello @User I already read that post, is excelent but is dont tell how we create for ex the hydra client and is a bit far away.
I try and fail yesterday and reach last step that is consent, i think is the last part, but it gives me a 401 when I consent, maybe something in scopes, bad config or other kind of dummy thing
I really need help, after this i think we have a extension of hydra 5m tutorial connected to react/ionic, if it works i do the same for flutter to. But I need some help budie
I think what people need at last a simple curls to create the diferent client types, ex for pkce etc
I have never set up pkce myself, but I am happy to provide some help there. If you are really stuck I would recommend opening a GitHub discusssion, and pointing to it here. You will get a helpful answers there for sure.
simple curls to create the diferent client types
that sounds like a great idea! I will put it on my list, but always open for contributions 🤗
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Ok I will create a issue with the error. Hope someone helps to get rid of final 401
Great! Best add your hydra.yml and some other basic info around your use case if possible.
In hydra.yml I only disable cors. To be easier
The rest is just a client created with try and fail
But it works.....only 401 is hit on the brick
But we will figure it out, sure we will!
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