Hi all, I looked for some keywords in the history ...
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Hi all, I looked for some keywords in the history but I didn't find my answer. I need some customisation on top of hydra docker image. The base image that I am using is
On top of it I add some config files and install netcat on top of it for a custom startup script. Whenever I am executing any command by
in my dockerfile, I am getting an error when building the docker image -
executor failed running [/bin/sh -c apk add netcat-openbsd]: unable to find user 1000: invalid argument
Any help is appreciated, thank you!
This happens on any kind of RUN command on this image. My guess is, it is trying to run the command with the user id 1000 mentioned in this dockerfile(I might be wrong), but if it is, then how is it that the user is not present in the docker image itself 🤔
the default docker image is a multistage build with the last stage using scratch as the base. To get access to
you can extend from
the user is still an issue
you’ll need to switch to the root user to run install anything
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FROM oryd/hydra:v1.10.7-alpine

USER root

RUN apk add netcat-openbsd
Thanks Daniel 🙌