Hello community, Ory Hydra v.1.11.0 is in the rele...
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Hello community, Ory Hydra v.1.11.0 is in the release pipeline 🥳 Featuring a number of improvements & new features, you will get a detailed overview in the change log shortly. Some highlights include: - RFC 7523 - Hardware Security Modules - Apple M1 support Release will be live on GitHub shortly! We also learned that we need to improve our release workflow in the near future: In the excitement we did an oopsie and deleted the v.1.10.7 release from GitHub - Sorry 😓 ! More info: https://github.com/ory/hydra/issues/2949
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Do you think #2827 will be part of this release?
I think it will be included in a minor release after merge. edit: so, no its not part of this release
do y'all have an idea when updated client SDKs will be released?