Hi there! Product question here. We’re using Googl...
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Hi there! Product question here. We’re using Google Cloud Identity as our Identity solution but the don’t offer OIDC or SAML as a provider. We need that to connect a SalesForce instance so our customers can use their existent profiles to use SF to ask for help. Is this something Ory Cloud can help me with? My team is currently experimenting with Ory/Hydra but I’m looking for solutions that would not involve us operation/maintaining a service.
The way to get started would probably to build a bridge for Google Cloud Identity and Ory Hydra and test it with open source. Ory Hydra will become part of Ory Cloud in ~ end of Q1 2022
The bridge you build can be reused in cloud of course, the APIs and everything are compatible
That’s helpful! Thanks
@brash-crowd-68298 I'm curious what you mean - what do you need that isn't there already?
(If my question is ridiculous, don't worry. I'm not part of the Ory team.)
No problem. It’s confusing. We need Cloud Identity to work as a SAML/OIDC provider. That is, SF wants to read identity information from CI. What CI is capable of is the other direction of flow. Which is reading identity from other providers such as Google Apps, Microsoft AD, etc
@high-optician-2097 expanding on the question here.
If you are not building a system that involves third parties - for example a third party company (CircleCI) using your (GitHub) APIs - but instead are looking to solve “Single Sign On”, mobile / single page app authentication, or generally “I want an API token after someone logs in”, take a look at ORY Kratos instead!
We in fact do not need SF to access our data directly. Our only goal is have our users signing in to SF using their current credentials. Does this change your recommendation?