Is there a way to configure Kratos to send all coo...
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Is there a way to configure Kratos to send all cookies in a single
? Right now the Github callback URL sends back 3 separate `set-cookie`s and because emissary-ingress drops all but one cookie, my auth flow doesn’t work
I don't know the answer to this, but my team has had good success with putting nginx in our containers in front of kratos to do various header rewrites where service mesh / iam proxies consume headers or occupy the same headers as kratos. One example is our IAM proxy needs an auth token in the
header and then tears it off. Kratos needs the same header -- our application writes the token to
and nginx copies that back to
You might have similar success doing set-cookie rewrites somewhere
Hello, apologies this fell off my radar @User Were you able to figure it out? I also dont know the answer, if you are still stuck here, please open a discussion: