Hi all, amazing product! I was wondering where ORY...
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Hi all, amazing product! I was wondering where ORY CLOUD is hosted in terms of location but also cloud provider, perhaps someone knowledgeable could expand on that 🙂? Best, Nimar
Hello Nimar, currently Ory Cloud is hosted on gcp in EU. We have short term plans to also offer US based gpc and longer term plans for multi-cloud, multi-region options.
Great 🙂 that seems like a great fit for us, esp. if multi-cloud (and thereby Azure FRA) are somewhere on the roadmap. You got a new customer 😉
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@User how are you hosting Ory yourself? Is it on kubernetes?
Yes, Kubernetes with Gitops, crossplane, ArgoCD and all that good stuff. I don't work on the Cloud product, but our Lead Engineer did talk about our infrastructure at the last Ory meetup: