Hello, I'd like to ask about verification step act...
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Hello, I'd like to ask about verification step activated after account creation: in case user missed email, how can user get another verification email to verify? I see that using password recovery also means verification check, is that the solution for my question? or, is there any other solution for this? Thanks.
Sorry for my late response. Thank @User. My question was raised from end-user's view: when they come to our system, they have page to login, reset pass and registration; there is no page about verification. So, how can end-user trigger flow to send verification email again?
You could check if they are verified and if not display a button to "resend verfication email" in the UI? https://www.ory.sh/docs/kratos/reference/api#operation/initializeSelfServiceVerificationFlowForBrowsers
I guess it depends when you want them to be verified 🤔
Hey @magnificent-energy-493, can we resend the email directly from the verification page (
) when it failed?
I having the same issue. I get an email with a verification link formed by flowId & token, but when I'd like to show a screen with a button resend email, I do not want to ask to the user to enter his email again. My question is: Is there any way to get the email entered before by the user? Imagine that there is an issue and the email never arrives. So, the user try again and again... basically, how can I get the email to submit again the verification flow? thanks in advance!
Hey, sorry for the late answer, was out of office 🙂
any way to get the email entered before by the user
Yea, you have full control over the frontend UI, so this should be doable. I dont have a great example on hand how this could be done exactly though. If you can figure out the details, feel free to share them if there is anything more I can help with, let me know!