Hi all, I'm new to Ory, but I've built / used user...
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Hi all, I'm new to Ory, but I've built / used user management / OpenID connect systems in the past using frameworks like IdentityServer4 in .NET and Auth0's libraries. I'm looking at using Ory either cloud or self-hosted, with a native Flutter app (and potentially a future Flutter web app later on)... The main thing that I wanted to find out what the possibility of migrating data out of Ory: either cloud or the self-hosted Kratos/Hydra solution, where I can take the user database with hashed passwords into a different system like my own IdentityServer or something similar. So far Ory looks like a great solution for us. But we're doing some due diligence - just to make sure we are not locked into the system directly or indirectly - but having our customer data stuck in a service that we don't control.
You will be able to export your user data out of Ory Cloud in the near future - this feature is on the roadmap when we have brought all our main products to Ory Cloud (Ory Hydra and Ory Keto we are working on now). Not locking users into our service is one of the core tenets of Ory Cloud.
If you self-host Ory you have control over the entire database, so you can export the data in any shape or form that is required.
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Thanks Vincent!