Hello everyone <!here>, Not sure if you noticed, ...
# talk-keto
Hello everyone <!here>, Not sure if you noticed, but we started to implement subject set rewrites, a desperately needed feature, in Keto: https://github.com/ory/keto/pull/877 🎉 We would like to get some feedback from you, our ❤️ community, on how we can implement this config. Therefore @narrow-van-43826 and I are conducting user interviews starting from next Monday. It takes about 1h and you will receive an Ory swag bag as a small thankyou. It does not go into technical details of the implementation, but is rather about the configuration that you as a Keto user will write. We would love to meet some of you and discuss our ideas. If you are interested, just reach out to us via DM when you would be available. 🙏
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