when using the oauth introspection authenticator, ...
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when using the oauth introspection authenticator, is any of the other data from the response available to the mutator? we would like to include the original client as a custom claim to let us track the origin of certain requests for analytics, but i only see a reference to the subject in the docs
Additional information should be available under `.Extra`:
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{{ print .Extra.andrews-origin-claim }}
(Tested with
, and
authenticators only!)
yeah, i see extra under those authenticators, but oauth introspection doesn’t reference extra at all
well, i did find https://github.com/ory/oathkeeper/blob/master/pipeline/authn/authenticator_oauth2_introspection.go#L268 in the code, so it looks like yes, i’ll just have to play with it to see what i can actually get from it