hey guys, i am trying to use the ory cloud and ory...
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hey guys, i am trying to use the ory cloud and ory kratos to identity management for my api in .NET 6, but i didnt found any document to .NET. i already did the registration flow but i want to know how i can add the token from ory as a provider to my api, to validate the token for each request and if have some way already done to do this.
Are you writing an app for the desktop or browser? :)
is a API man, is for for every client
ok, the first app you develop will be browser or desktop?
hey @adventurous-addition-28416 I recently played around with this a bit so maybe I can offer some help. were you able to find a workable solution?
for me the generated client is pretty much unusable in dotnet (same for java btw), so I ended up just creating my own models and calling the api manually
I have it working in production with this code: https://github.com/ory/kratos/discussions/1072