Is there any way to print out the active config va...
# ory-selfhosting
Is there any way to print out the active config values in a Kratos instance? I am trying to determine whether my config overrides from environment variables are loading correctly.
the containers have sh enabled, so you can exec into the running container, and call
to show all set env values
kratos will be using those that it can see on the system. We don’t have afaik a command like
kratos config print
@high-optician-2097 however adding such a command might be an interesting feature 😉
you can get the config value through jaeger
My environment values are being set correctly, but I want to know if Kratos is correctly loading some of the config values with more complicated paths, like SECRETS_COOKIE_0
@high-optician-2097 I have configured Jaeger and hooked Kratos to it, how can I view the config value?
Oh I found it in the config-snapshot trace
secrets.cookie is redacted in Jaeger, which is what I wanted to verify...
try log leak sensitive values
(in the config file, you can search the reference)
Still seeing redacted in Jaeger 😞