I dont think google docs are helpful in any way. I...
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I dont think google docs are helpful in any way. I do know how to get refresh token myself, i was wondering if there's way to configure kratos to get it for me. Rn to get it i would need user to sign up with ory and then make them go through authorizing my app second time, which seems redundant.
I think maybe i didn't explain my problem clearly 😛 My ory kratos instance isn't storing initial refresh token. You need to instruct google if you want refresh token issued. It is done by sending access_type=offline parameter with authentication request to google. As i use ory kratos for authentication it would be great if it could add that parameter to request. The alternative is asking google to authenticate user second time to send the exact same request but with access_type parameter in request. I think it would be useful to have that out of the box, especially cause kratos is storing empty "initial_refresh_token" (empty cause there's no way to configure kratos to send access_type param) field for all oidc so it seems that was intended functionality. I think getting refresh token might be retievable for other platforms that specify offline access as scope. I'll try treating google as 'generic' provider, maybe that will let me send additional params with request.