Morning team, I'm trying to implement an invite fl...
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Morning team, I'm trying to implement an invite flow by using the admin endpoints to create the identity with just an email and then creating a recovery link to send to the user. Is there a way to mark the identity as verified? or not require them to be verified? This causes an issue where when they have recovered there account they then need to also verify their identity which is another email.
Hi @rough-energy-65470 Do you mean they need to recover their account using another email address? If you don't need to verify your users, you can disable verification in kratos. Just set
verification: false
If you require to recover the account from the admin side, you can generate a link and send it to them via another method (another email for instance). The user can then update their email themselves in the profile flow
just remember, disabling verification means you could have spam accounts with fake email addresses or addresses that do not belong to the user.
@proud-plumber-24205 thanks for the response 🙂. I need an endpoint to manually set them as verified (as an admin). Reason being that we are inviting this user to the platform through the recovery link method, where they then can set their password. We think this is sufficient enough for verification as they still need access to their emails for the recovery process.
I might have to just update the database manually as @adorable-byte-96872 suggested even though it doesn't feel nice 😛. For reference i have opened up a feature request: